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Database Engineer

TechTrend, Incorporated (TechTrend) is in search of a Database Engineer with experience administering and monitoring databases to migrate CARES Act and related data sources identified by Small Business Administration (SBA) OIG to Azure Data Lake Storage (ADLS), develop sustainable ETL pipelines, normalize entity attributes, such as addresses, phones numbers, and other common fields, and creating cross-program lookup tables for investigative analysis.

Applicants must be U.S. Citizens or Green Card holders

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Implement a logical and sustainable directory structure for ADLS storage blobs, utilizing naming conventions tiered to easily incorporate additional data sources.
  • Implement pipelines to transfer sever-based data sources into ADLS, or directly to Synapse where appropriate. Some datasets are static, as the program is no longer active, while others are ongoing, so best practices should be considered for how often to capture ADLS copies of data from active programs.
  • Establish quality controls for any manual uploads of flat file extracts into ADLS.
  • Implement ETL/ELT process and architecture, creating lookup tables in Synapse for all common fields related to individuals, entities, and attributes, including IP address, email, address, phone number, and bank account.
  • Lookup tables should assist analysts in querying across disparate datasets.
  • Implement fraud flag tables by entity and individual, linking all identified fraud flags for easy access via SQL query.
  • Normalize all shared attributes, such as address, in support of master lookup tables.
  • Develop Synapse architecture, utilizing clustered columnstore indexes and optimized distributions to enhance performance.
  • Implement aggregate views to quickly summarize by program award and disbursement totals, along with other key fields identified by SBA OIG and the vendor.
  • Reconstruct existing Caseware IDEA macros to reproduce working tables used by Investigative Analysts within Azure Synapse. Currently, SBA OIG runs macros for PPP and COVID-19 EIDL datasets, resulting in joined tables with several derived and aggregate fields.
  • Document all transformation processes and data architecture, including any derived or aggregate fields created to support the architectural design.
  • Establish quality controls for maintaining all pipelines for automated or manual refresh, as appropriate.

Required Qualifications:

  • Must have five (5) years of hands-on experience maintaining SQL databases, including expert level skills in SQL and T-SQL.
  • Demonstrate at least five (5) years of hands-on experience working in cloud-based environments with distributed SQL pools.
  • Must be able to demonstrate at least five (5) years of hands-on experience designing and implementing ETL/ELT processes in support cloud-based data analytics environments.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering, Information Technology, or related field.

Desired Qualifications:

  • Experience with data warehousing.
  • Experience with cloud infrastructure providers, including Azure, AWS and others.

Work Location: The majority of the work can be carried out remotely.  Occasional client meetings at government site in Washington DC are possible. 


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