TechTrend is excited to announce our partnership with ODG to resell and develop applications for their R-7 Smart Glasses, the world’s only self-contained, snapdragon-based, wireless, head-worn system with stunning 3D stereoscopic see-through HD displays – running on Android. The glasses will help change the world of computing by changing the way we interact, connect, and explore information.

The Smart Glasses system is designed to be the hands-free computer of tomorrow: fully-integrated, untethered devices that have the power to redefine what can be done on the go. TechTrend always thinks enterprise-wide, we will develop amazing applications for these augmented reality-enabled Smart Glasses and show how they will change the way our customers interact with information, drive efficiencies, deliver knowledge, increase efficiency and improve safety.

Primary Contact:

Andrew Himonas

Title: SW Engineer

Phone: 301-602-3681


Alternate Contact: 

Chris Demory

Title: VP, Technology Solutions

Phone: 703-628-1655