TechTrend has announced the grand opening of a new dedicated Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) lab located in Arlington VA. This dedicated space is a permanent installation of the technology and research and development group behind TechTrend’s continuous development of innovative new products and technologies. The new lab is known as the Alternate Enterprise Reality (AeR) lab and is located within 5 minutes of TechTrend’s main headquarters. TechTrend has been actively pursuing research and development tasks in VR and AR with a focus on improving and simplifying user interactions with complex enterprise systems. Some of TechTrend’s previous work in VR and AR include the AeR Plane and AeR LegalEYE demonstrations which featured the ODG R-7 Series AR smart glasses. Other innovative demos used the HTC Vive and GearVR powered by Oculus to demonstrate Virtual Training Environments and customizable Simulated Environments. The new lab will allow TechTrend to host demonstration sessions with clients and the public to showcase the technology and concepts behind the TechTrend AeR Platform.