TechTrend is providing Azure Cloud services and cloud migration support services for the USDA Agricultural Research Services (ARS). Our services include hosting of multiple environments on both Azure Government and Azure Commercial Cloud.  For the low security SharePoint implementation, TechTrend selected the Azure Commercial cloud to provide scalable and geographically redundant storage for the ARS SharePoint environment. A key feature of our solution for the SharePoint environment is leveraging Azure’s robust DR capabilities including multi-region read access storage to safeguard the critical data and content of ARS. For the ARS development environment we provided architectural design services to replicate and migrate their existing development environment into the Azure Government cloud We leveraged Azure Site Recovery to create an environment snapshot and lift and virtualize the existing environment into the cloud. We are also providing advisory support services to roadmap the modernization of legacy Oracle systems to 12C while maintaining legacy application support in the Azure Cloud. We also provided our customers in ARS with robust business intelligence and cloud utilization portals to enable real-time monitoring and performance evaluation of the provided Azure cloud environments. This management tool and portal allow authorized users to spin up and scale down their deployed environment at will to provide unparalleled cost efficiency and on-demand performance.