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Federal GovCloud DevSecOps
Built for Government

Federal GovCloud DevSecOps (FGC DSO) is FedRAMP authorized (moderate level) software as a service (SaaS) that enables government agencies to deploy agile, iterative, secure software-faster. Empower diverse federal government development teams with our cost-effective, turnkey, automated, landing-zone agnostic solution. 

  • Federal GovCloud DevSecOps is now FedRAMP Authorized

FedRAMP Authorized Moderate SaaS

The Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) promotes secure cloud services adoption for the federal government. FedRAMP does this by providing a standardized approach to security and risk assessment for cloud technologies.

TechTrend’s Federal GovCloud DevSecOps solution has met the FedRAMP security requirements. Build applications and support your agency’s mission with our turnkey FGC DSO platform.  Integrate, testing, monitoring and deploying secure software to any customer-defined testing or production environment.

FedRAMP Authorized

Expedites agency Authority to Operate (ATO) approval process

Platform Agnostic

Cloud service provider and landing zone agnostic

Turnkey Solutions

End-to-end support to drive security throughout Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC)

Optimal Zero Trust

Data-centric security embedded throughout architecture (CISA Zero Trust Maturity Model Draft V1.0)

Integrated Toolchain

Our integrated best-in-breed tools are hosted in the cloud and enables security throughout the entire SDLC. Flexible and scalable to add more DevSecOps tools and custom processes with our CI/CD orchestration tool. Our baseline configuration includes more than 30 industry-leading tools. We adopt new tools to our baseline configuration as technology, standards, and customer needs evolve. Our integrated toolchain, with enforced secure data flows and encryption of data in flight and at rest, ensures that all data is protected throughout the SDLC from initial code check-in through deployment.

FedRAMP Authorized

The FGC DevSecOps platform resides on cloud infrastructure and has been designed to leverage FedRAMP compliant services while integrating a suite of tools and technologies that provide the foundational components to support DevSecOps. It complies with the FedRAMP framework and security controls.

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Landing Zone Agnostic

FGC DSO is cloud service provider or landing zone agnostic and supports secure automation-driven deployment to common providers. Our customers typically deploy their applications to common providers including Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, low-code platforms (e.g) Microsoft Power Platform, Salesforce), and on-premise network infrastructure.

Rapid Provisioning

We can rapidly provision your own DevSecOps SaaS instance within days. There is no setup required and no software to install. Your SCRUM teams will have a secure platform to manage and deploy source codes to the test or production landing zone of their choice.

Our DevSecOps SaaS provides an integrated toolchain that can be provisioned quickly for our customers to start leveraging source code management and continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipeline implementation.

Federal GovCloud DevSecOps
Integrated Toolchain

DSO Tool List

*  additional cost and add-on that can be purchased directly through TechTrend, Inc. 

** additional cost and integration that needs to be purchased via a third party. 


Government Compliant | Landing Zone Agnostic | Scalable

Features Enterprise
Source Code
Source Code Management
Code Version Control
Code Branching
Automated CI/CD
High Availability
CI/CD Pipeline Builds (1 Per 2 Seats)
FedRAMP Moderate Controls
Role Based Access Controls
NIST and FIPS Validated
Static Code Vulnerability Analysis
Geographically Redundant, Disaster Recovery
Security Branch Analysis**
Injection Vulnerability Detection**
Pull Request Decoration**
Agile Practices
Kanban Board (Issues and Bug Tracking)
Team Management
Milestone Tracking
Release Process Compliance
508 Testing
Release Packaging
Service Desk Support
1 Hour Training Credit (Per 10 Seats)
Features Enterprise
Source Code
Automated CI/CD
Agile Practices
Release Process Compliance
More Details

*Additional builds available

**Support for 21 development languages – Up to 2 Million Lines of Code across all enabled projects

Build Government Compliant Web Applications

Empower your organization to meet the White House’s Executive Order on Improving Cybersecurity.  Modernize your organization’s legacy applications and build future-focused solutions with Federal GovCloud DevSecOps (FGC DSO). Government applications are built secure and compliant with our FedRAMP Authorized SaaS solution. 

Federal GovCloud DevSecOps FedRAMP Authorized

Continuous Code Scanning

FGC DSO allows developers to receive continuous code review with GitHub Enterprise. This results in code that is more secure and higher quality.

Federal GovCloud DevSecOps FedRAMP Authorized

Software Composition Analysis (SCA)

Government developers need to know what is in their code. 98% of applications have open source software components. Being able to understand this is crucial for federal government organizations. OWASP Dependency Check powers FGC DSO's SCA.

Automated Security & Unit Testing

Government organizations need to meet citizen's digital service demands. FGC DSO makes it easy to automate security and unit testing and delivering applications faster.

Coverage Metrics

NIST recommends that government software achieve a minimum of 80% coverage when its tested. FGC DSO enables you to test your code continuously throughout the entire software development lifecycle. Our platform allows developers, project managers, and executives to view enterprise-wide metrics for security, code, builds, testing, releases, and toolchains.

Federal GovCloud DevSecOps FedRAMP Authorized

Static Analysis Security Testing (SAST)

Analyze source code and uncover security vulnerabilities with FGC DSO. SonarQube powers FGC DSO's SAST and supports 25+ programming languages.

Federal GovCloud DevSecOps FedRAMP Authorized

Maintain Applications

Government applications need to maintain their security and compliance posture while meeting end-users needs. With FGC DSO, code changes are checked in and automatically tested against NIST and FIPS standards. Our baseline tool set is FedRAMP Authorized.

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Built for Government

Government Compliant | Landing Zone Agnostic | Scalable


Government agencies require a development environment that enables them to fully optimize their agile teams and quickly deploy secure code.


Our DevSecOps offering enables a fully integrated development pipeline from initial code development to continuous monitoring of deployed code.


Our DevSecOps offering enables agencies to build applications more efficiently, securely and cost effectively.