TechTrend, Inc. (TechTrend) is pleased to announce that we have been awarded a contract by the USDA Forest Service for Computing Infrastructure Support (CIS) Services Operation and Service Delivery (OSD).

With this contract, TechTrend will support the Agency’s three branches of IT Infrastructure, including  Facilities Management and Telecommunications (FM&T), Hosting Support Services (HSS) and Enterprise Operations (EO) to modernize skills and processes, as well as enabling cloud environments. In addition, TechTrend will operate and manage IT Service Support Management Systems (ITSSMs). TechTrend’s expertise and experience will help supplement and develop OSD capabilities to transform, modernize, operate, manage, secure and maintain Forest Service applications for the current and future needs of the USDA’s mission.

For more information contact: | Telephone: 703.678.2922