FedRAMP Ready

Expedites agency ATO approval process

Platform Agnostic

Cloud service provider and landing zone agnostic


End-to-end support to drive security throughout the SDLC

Integrated Toolchain:
We have integrated best of breed tools hosted on Azure Government to enable security throughout the SDLC. It has the flexibility and scalability to accommodate many more DevSecOps tools and custom processes as part of our flexible CI/CD orchestration tool. We are continually adding new widely used tools to the baseline configuration. Our integrated tool chain with enforced secure data flows and encryption of data in flight and at rest ensures that all data is protected throughout the SDLC from initial code check-in through deployment.


Landing Zone Agnostic:
FGC DevSecOps is cloud service provider or landing zone agnostic and supports secure automation driven deployment to various providers including Azure, Amazon Web Services, low-code platforms (e.g., Salesforce), and on-premises.

FedRAMP Ready:
The FGC DevSecOps platform resides on Microsoft Azure Government cloud infrastructure and has been designed to leverage Azure’s FedRAMP compliant services while integrating a suite of tools and technologies that provide the foundational components to support DevSecOps. It complies with the FedRAMP framework and security controls.


Rapid Provisioning:
We can rapidly provision your own DevSecOps PaaS instance within days. There is no setup required and no software to install. Your SCRUM teams will have a secure platform to manage and deploy source codes to the test or production landing zone of their choice.