September 22, 2014 – TechTrend, Inc. has been awarded a contract to provide systems engineering, network engineering design, information assurance, cybersecurity, implementation support, and project management support to DISA’s Network Services Capabilities Center (NS2).  NS2 is responsible for translating customers’ long-haul network requirements into effective voice, video, and data network solutions; leverages proven and emerging technologies to ensure joint interoperability, assured security and best value; evaluates technical operations; and resolves technical support issues for DoD’s long-haul networks.

TechTrend and its subcontractor, Technica, Inc., will be focused on the ‘Unified Communications as a Service’ project, providing essential support in the DoD-wide push to transition from TDM networks to Everything over IP (EoIP) networks for voice, video, and data services.  The new contract represents a significant accomplishment for TechTrend in the execution of its account strategy for DISA, expanding its service offerings in support of this key customer.

Primary Contact: Richard Tallman

Phone: 703.943.9354


Alternate Contact: Jeremy Mohler

Phone: 703-521-9398