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TechTrend Does DevSecOps Differently

April 2, 2024

Many companies offer DevSecOps services, but TechTrend is at the forefront of how they are done and procured.  


What makes TechTrend’s DevSecOps Solution Different? 


First, TechTrend developed the Federal GovCloud DevSecOps solution, which was authorized at the FEDRAMP at a moderate level and provided software as a service (SaaS) solution. 


With security as code facilitating continuous delivery and integration, TechTrend’s Federal GovCloud DevSecOps achieves mission-critical success by enabling federal agencies to develop their applications fast, securely, and on any landing zone. As a SaaS offering, it allows government agencies to deploy agile, iterative, secure software – quicker and more efficiently. 


TechTrend empowers diverse federal government development teams to innovate and collaborate, delivering cost-effective solutions: 

  • FedRAMP authorized at the moderate level 
  • Cloud platform agnostic, including provider and landing zone 
  • Turnkey solution with end-to-end support throughout the software development lifecycle (SDLC) 
  • Optimal Zero Trust through data-centra security embedded throughout the architecture 
  • End-to-end security and compliance enabled with integrated toolchain  


How do the features of our solution solve the DevSecOps challenge? 


  • FedRAMP Authorized – Residing in the cloud infrastructure and designed to leverage FedRAMP-compliant services, Federal GovCloud DevSecOps integrates a suite of tools and technologies, providing DevSecOps supporting foundational components in full compliance with the FedRAMP moderate framework and security controls. 
  • Integrated Toolchain – Hosted in the cloud, Federal GovCloud DevSecOps enables security throughout the SDLC. It is flexible and scalable, adding more tools and customized processes with our CI/CD tool, along with baseline configuration, including a plethora of industry-leading tools. 
  • Landing Zone Agnostic—It supports secure automation-driven deployment and is typically deployed for applications, including Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, low-code platforms (e.g., Microsoft Power Platform, Salesforce), and on-premises network infrastructure. 
  • Scalable and Rapid Deployment – Expediting Authority to Operate (ATO) with FedRAMP authorization, our solution can rapidly provision your DevSecOps SaaS instance within days. Your SCRUM teams have a secure platform to manage and deploy source codes to the test on the production landing zone of their choice.  

Contact TechTrend today to explore how Federal GovCloud DevSecOps enables secure source code management, agile and CI/CD processes and configuration management, static code vulnerability scanning, dependency analysis, Blackbox/red team validation tools, and more. 

About TechTrend
TechTrend is an innovative enterprise IT solutions provider that delivers scalable, repeatable, and predictable mission outcomes. From the cloud to the desktop, clients trust us because they know we will deliver a solution that works for today – and sets them up for future success.

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