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TechTrend Joins Esri Partner Network: Expanding GIS and LI capabilities by incorporating the “Science of Where”

June 3, 2024

TechTrend recently joined the Esri Partner Network, expanding their ability to map, track, and analyze geo-located data for:

  • Identifying problems

  • Monitoring change

  • Managing and responding to events, local, regional, and global

  • Forecasting

  • Prioritizing for decision-making

  • Recognizing and understanding trends

The Esri Network is a global ecosystem of partners, delivering content, solutions, and services, maximizing the increasing benefits of geographic information system (GIS) software and location intelligence (LI). By connecting data to a map, GIS delivers actionable intelligence from all types of data, enhancing communication and delivering efficiencies for management and decision making.

GIS and LI are used by a myriad of agencies and organizations for better understanding of customers, constituents, and prospects. GIS integrates location data (where things are) with all types of descriptive information (what things are) for mapping and analysis, improving understanding of patterns, relationships, and geographic context.

What does the Esri Partnership mean for TechTrend and our customers?

Our focus on the future, drives us to stretch and expand, analyzing existing technology and its application for current and future problem solving, rapidly scaling our solutions to meet our customers where they are now and where they are going.

Esri’s tools and shared resources and knowledge enhance TechTrend’s ability to meet our customers’ needs, both future and present, with layered location-specific data, including:

  • Demographics, traffic, environment, economics, and weather

  • Data for optimal location selection

  • Asset management in real time

  • Supply chain organization monitoring and management

  • Building or infrastructure maintenance and protection

Insights into current and future states delivered by GIS and LI enable better decision-making with greater accuracy, enabling responsiveness with predictive data.

Contact us today to explore how this new partnership can add value to resource and asset management, decision-making, and forecasting.

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