Government customers now have a streamlined and economical vehicle to acquire all things cloud from a single IT Schedule 70 SIN. Through the General Services Administration (GSA) SIN 132-40, agencies across the government are able to acquire cloud services (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS) and cloud-related professional services (e.g., program management, technical development/delivery, design/research support functions) from a single SIN. TechTrend offers thousands of different line items under this SIN to ensure everything cloud your agency could need can be procured from a single source.

“TechTrend is excited to have received this award which demonstrates our expertise and experiences to not only offer cloud services, but a proven and consistent framework to modernize IT systems, migrate them to the cloud, build cloud-native applications and manage them as a turnkey service,” said Mo Amir, President of TechTrend.

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